Social Psychology Special Issue

Understanding Others in Moments of Crisis

Dana Schneider, Pascal Burgmer, Thorsten Erle und Heather Ferguson are currently editing a special issue under the umbrella of the network in Social Psychology. Please find details to the Call for Papers here

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Cortex Special Issue

Understanding Others

Philipp Kanske and Ryan Murray edited a special issue under the umbrella of the network in Cortex 2019-2020. With that they attracted contributions from highly prominent scholars in the field like Stephanie D. Preston, Pascal Molenberghs, Stefanie Hoehl, Rebecca Saxe, Mark A. Thornton, Diana I. Tamir, Dean Mobbs, Heather J. Ferguson, Ralph Adolphs, Abigail Marsh, John O'Doherty  and many more.


You can check out the Special Issue here

Further Output

Peer-reviewed publications

Kulke, L., von Duhn, B., Schneider, D. & Rakoczy, H. (2018). Is implicit theory of mind a real and robust phenomenon? Results from a systematic replication study. Psychological Science.


Zäske, R., Limbach, K., Schneider, D., Skuk, V., Dobel, C., Guntinas-Lichius, O. & Schweinberger, S. (2017). Electrophysiological Correlates of Voice Memory for Young and Old Speakers in Young and Old Listeners. Neuropsychologia.


Schuwerk, T., Priewasser, B., Sodian, B., & Perner, J. (2018) The robustness and generalizability of findings on spontaneous false belief sensitivity: a replication attempt. Royal Society Open Science, 5(5), 172273.

Book chapters

Klimecki, O.M., Schweinberger, S.R. (2018). Soziale Neurobiologie. In U.T. Egle, C. Heim, B. Strauß and R. v. Känel (Eds). Forthcoming in Psychosomatische Medizin 3.0 - Neurobiologisch fundiert - Evidenzbasiert. W. Kohlhammer.


Schneider, D., Klimecki, O., Burgmer, P., & Kessler, T. (2019). Social Cognition. In: V. Zeigler-Hill, T.K. Shackelford (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences. Springer International Publishing AG.


Schuwerk, T., & Paulus, M. (2018). Action Prediction in Autism. In F. R. Volkmar (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders. New York, NY: Springer New York.


2017-2020: Herbert-Feuchte Foundation for Research into Intellectual Disability: 6.000 €, Investigators: Dr. Dana Schneider, Prof. Stefan Schweinberger; Herbert-Feuchte Foundation, Heide, Germany


Understanding the neurobiology of social-emotional impairments in mental disorders (44. Conference “Psychology and the Brain” held in Giessen from May 31 to June 2, 2018): Dr. Daniela Mier, Dr. Dana Schneider, PD Dr. Stefanie Lis; Leonie Löffler


Crucial elements of social understanding and relationship quality- implications for mental health (1. European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment held in Dresden from Octiber 31 to November 2, 2019): Dr. Dana Schneider, Prof. Philipp Kanske, Dr. Ryan Murray, Dr. Pascal Vritka, Nina Udvardi-Lakos



Editorial board members of Frontiers in Psychiatry Social Cognition: Prof. Peter Kirsch, Prof. Sören Krach, Prof. Philipp Kanske, Dr. Daniela Mier, Dr. Dana Schneider


Special Issue in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews: Empathy and Understanding Others- Prof. Philipp Kanske, Prof. Josef Perner, Prof. Kristina Musholt, et al.


Special Issue in InMind Magazine (Gasteditoren: Dr. Dana Schneider, Dr. Pascal Burgmer)