2nd Workshop:

Agent-Specificities and Relationships in Social Interactions

February 15th - 16th, 2018

University of Cologne


Anna Welpinghus, Anika Fiebich & Thiemo Breyer

Everyday social interactions do not take place in a vacuum - they happen among different individuals, who have personal or social relationships, single or shared histories, and occupy a number of different social identities. Yet, in the contemporary debate social interaction phenomena like theory of mind, empathy and related social behaviors have often been discussed without taking these important factors into account.

This interdisciplinary workshop aims at elucidating the dedicated role that agent-specificities and relationships among the agents may play in social interactions from the perspectives of philosophy, neuroscience, psychology and neighboring disciplines. In particular, we will focus on social cognition, including empathy and theory of mind, as well as related social behaviors. Leading questions include (but are not restricted to): (i) How do agent-specificities and relationships shape social interactions? (ii) How do agent-specificities and relationships shape mindreading and empathy? (iii) What are the cognitive mechanisms that underlie the recognition of specific agents and social interaction phenomena? (iv) Which theoretical developments are supported by the findings pertaining to the role of agent-specificities, relationships and identities for phenomena like mindreading and empathy? (v) Do they have consequences for the way we should conceptualize these phenomena?


Pascal Mohlenberg


Albert Newen


Ryan Murray


Abstract submission


We invite submissions from psychology, philosophy, and neurosciences and neighboring disciplines for contributory talks and poster presentations. If you would like to present a poster, please submit a 250-word abstract. If you would like to give a talk, please prepare a 250-word abstract and in addition an extended abstract of 500-1000 words, including references.


Registration fee: €50

Due date poster registration: September, 1st

Due date attendance registration: September, 15th


Invoices will be sent within 10 days after registration

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